Covenant Friendship is my story of how God answered my prayer for friendship. I tell how God         
    led me through many steps, avenues and growth processes to achieve what my heart had so longed
    for since the age of ten. 
          My desire and high priority is to honor God and to see others have Godly relationships that honor Him 
    as well.
            Many people have been blessed by Covenant Friendship, I pray you will be too!

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     In The Beginning...

 In the beginning there was Mamaw.
 Taking pictures of all she saw.
 First my feet, then my cheeks,
 Then the rest of me, in the raw.

 It's her face I saw first
 After I had seen Mommy and the nurse.
 Then Mamaw carried me to the place
 Where they began to wash my face.

 Mamaw's hands were busy recording me
 With those cameras, two at a time, you see.
 Video in the left, snapshots in the right,
 Mamaw would get her pics or there'd be a fight.

 Time to go home, to Mamaw's we went,
 That's where most of my time I spent.
 It was Mamaw who held me close,
 Kept me warm, changed my clothes.

 Mommy could always count on Mamaw
 To watch me when I started to crawl.
 Into all, there I went,
 That's where my time was spent.

 Mamaw helped me learn to walk,
 Gave me a chalkboard and some chalk.
 On Sunday morning Mamaw dressed me,
 And off to church we would be.

 Aunt Gwen is Mamaw's friend,
 She loved me too, on this you can depend.
 I'd yell "Gwen!" then to her I would run,
 She'd raise me high and give me a hug.

 Mamaw would hug me and kiss me so much,
 And tell me she loved me a whole bunch.
 She'd scrub me clean when she gave me a bath,
 Then put me down for a nice warm nap.

 Jesus loves me, Mamaw said so,
 She proved it by buying me videos,
 Kids praising Jesus, I'd dance to it all,
 Because, since the beginning there's always been my Mamaw.

Covenant Friendship is a book about forgiveness. In our lives there are those who would harm us and seek to thwart our prosperity and even those who are jealous of it. Those who accuse others unknowingly have their own unresolved issues and try to project them onto others. It is our responsibility, our directive from Jesus to forgive those who would seek to damage us. We must not take offense because we end up being the one who becomes enslaved by our own unforgiveness of others. Unforgiveness hurts no one but the unforgiver. It is not worth losing our peace to hold a grudge against someone who has or seeks to harm us.

      After sixteen years of marriage, Rose Mitchell's husband divorced her. Suddenly she found herself single in a world geared toward couples. She fell back on her strong Christian faith for emotional support, but also prayed for strong friendships with other God-fearing women. Often, when she found such friends who were married, the friendships eventually faltered and died as the friendship and the marriage came into conflict.
     Covenant Friendship reflects her struggle to find how to sustain and to grow such friendship. Guided by Jesus, Rose gradually found what changes were required in her own behavior to permit such friendship, and she shares them with us here. The process of spiritual growth may be painful, but it is necessary and ultimately satisfying.
        About the Author:
     A Vietnam Veteran who spent 10 years in the military, Rose Mitchell is a registered nurse with a strong Christian faith. She has served as a nurse in missions in some of the countries that made up the former USSR and Sierra Leone, West Africa while bearing witness for Jesus. She is divorced and has two children and three grandchildren who are the light of her life. She lives in North Carolina when she is not called by God to serve overseas.
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      May you be abundantly blessed and be enriched daily.


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